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Special Message from the Superintendent of Schools

June 7, 2023

Dear ae888 Community,

We know the air quality is causing concern, understandably, especially for young children. It’s important to reassure them that the smoke is caused by wildfires very far away and they are safe. The district has taken steps to mitigate the conditions the best we can in each building. The odor and some of the smoke is present and may be irritating. Please recognize this condition is pervasive to the area, in both schools and in homes, but is temporary.

We received the following information from the Regional Health Department:

  • Stay indoors with windows closed.
  • Know your air quality and wait until air quality improves before you resume outdoor activities. You can find current air quality conditions at .
  • It is especially important that those with respiratory conditions and children remain indoors during times of poor air quality.
  • Consider delaying indoor physical activity if the indoor space is smoke filled.
  • With air quality this poor it may be normal for some individuals to experience scratchy throats.  Those with respiratory conditions should be monitored closely for difficulty breathing. 
  • N-95 masks can be helpful if you choose to wear one.

The Health Department has also provided the following resources related to wildfire smoke:

  • Protect Your Lungs from Wildfire Smoke or Ash:  
  • Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash:
  • Reduce Your Smoke Exposure:

Please stay safe.


Mark Finkelstein

Superintendent of Schools